TP7 Series Intrinsically Safe Thermometer, Spool Design

  • $1,988.39

TP7D Intrinsically Safe Portable Petroleum Gauging Thermometer, Spool Design

The TP7D- employs the proven RTD design that has been used in the TP7 for many years. A sealed industrial quality overlay provides a user interface that is easy to use with gloves. A polypropylene blend enclosure protects the circuit board and large LCD from penetration by impact, water and reactive liquids.

Includes 75 foot cable.

Option Codes:
AW - Asphfalt Weight Sensor (.34lb)
SW - Standard weight sensor (.25lb)
EW - Extra Weight Sensor (.5lb)
NM - No Markings
SM - Brass Markings Every 5 Feet


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