Our dedicated team of professionals average fifteen years of technical expertise in service and sale of gauging and sampling equipment and calibration services that maximize efficiency and safety in the petrochemical industry.

 Petro Marine's value-added services include:

  • Respirator and SCBA fit testing services using the new OHD Quantifit® quantitative fit tester that is OSHA accepted and NFPA compliant. The Quantafit® fit tester works with all leading manufacturers of respirators and SCBA face pieces such as MSA, Scott, North, and all other NATO threaded respirators.
  • Certify and verify both new and used gauging tapes and bobs.
  • All verifications done according to API standard 3.1.A and come with NIST traceable certification good for one year.
  • Offering all standard ASTM and master thermometers, available with NIST certifications.
  • Customized, dedicated inventory capabilities for specific customer requirements to ensure the best possible customer service.
  • MSA authorized C.A.R.E. and R.I.T.E services centers for both SCBAs as well as portable gas detection equipment.
  • Flexibility with a wide selection of portable gas detectors available for daily, weekly or monthly rental.