TL2-A Precision Bench-top Laboratory Reference Thermometer – Dual Channel & USB Data Logger

TL2-A Precision Bench-top Laboratory Reference Thermometer – Dual Channel & USB Data Logger

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The TL2-A is a versatile 2-channel precision bench top thermometer offering a convenient USB interface for data logging and sensor configuration. The TL2-A is two thermometers in one instrument, with two channels allowing simultaneous temperature measurement in different locations. The TL2-A is well suited for establishing temperature traceability in equipment that requires high accuracy. The TL2-A is also perfect for metrology applications and as a calibration reference thermometer.

The TL2-A can be ordered with sensors included or the user can provide their own sensors. Sensor coefficients can be entered from a PC making it easy to change from a daily use RTD to a SPRT including user selectable choice of ITS-90 or Callandar-Van Dusen equations. Units come with 5 point resistance calibration from 20 to 425 ohms. With available PRT(s) ThermoProbe can provide a temperature reference system. Standard sensors are 100Ω wire-wound platinum RTDs in a stainless steel ¼” sheath 13” long. The sensors are provided with a standard 5 foot cable and DIN plug. Custom configurations and temperature ranges are available upon request.

The intuitive user interface allows easy configuration of temperature units, display resolution and a relay output. Minimum, maximum and average temperatures are automatically stored to memory for later reference. The interface allows viewing of Highest, Lowest and Average Readings, Zero Offset adjustment for sensor drift and readings in C, F, K and Ohms. The versatile data logging feature can be used to send data to a PC or stored to a USB Flash drive.

The TL2-A is constructed from rugged powder-coated steel and aluminum. The large backlit display is easy to read from a distance. With the provided AC power supply, the TL2-A is ideal for bench top or laboratory applications.  A one year warranty, calibration report, USB cable, Flash drive, interface software and country specific power adaptor are included.


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