TL1-W Precision Intrinsically Safe Portable Stem Thermometer, 0-300F Range, Rugged Design, 8" Probe

TL1-W Precision Intrinsically Safe Portable Stem Thermometer, 0-300F Range, Rugged Design, 8" Probe

  • $704.17

 The TL1-W is an intrinsically safe digital laboratory thermometer designed for use in hazardous locations. The TL1-W is an improved version of the original ThermoProbe model TL1. The TL1-W is intended to be used anywhere a precision glass stem thermometer or other type thermometer is used. The TL1-W incorporates glass thermometer simplicity and reliability with the convenience of a digital display. Like precision mercury thermometers, the TL1-W has accuracy, repeat-ability and long-term stability. But unlike those thermometers there will never be problems with mercury separation or hazardous material cleanup. The TL1-W is commonly used as a calibration reference for field temperature instruments such as gauging thermometers and flow meters. With a history of proven accuracy, The TL1-W has become a standard for temperature in multiple industries.

The versatile software functions allow easy selection of Celsius or Fahrenheit units and display resolution. Encoded calibration is unaffected by temperature, vibration, or battery removal. Low battery display, and failure mode indications protect the user from false data. The intuitive display indicators allow the user to establish accurate temperature readings. Minimum, maximum and average temperatures are automatically stored to memory for later reference.

The TL1-W is constructed with a heavy-duty aluminum housing and stainless steel temperature probe. The TL1-W is well suited to thermal well application due to a horizontal display and a versatile bulk head style fitting. Different from many electronic thermometers, the “Cordless” TL1-W has no wires to get in the way or break. The sealed overlay switch interface makes for intuitive operation. The TL1-W comes equipped with easily replaceable AAA batteries, providing up to 200 hours of operation.

TL1-W Data Sheet

The TL1-A certifications are recognized in Europe (ATEX) and internationally (IECEx).



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