N95 Foldable Pouch, Single Use Particulate Respirator, Jackson Safety

  • $52.00

30 Pieces/Bag, 6 Bags/Case

  • Pouch style design provides larger breathing chamber and is ideal for all-day use
  • NIOSH certified: TC# 84A-9042
  • Headbands of bicomponent elastomer material
  • Fits secure to face, helps ensure tight facial seal, and prevents leakage around edges
  • Two layers of electro-statically treated melt blown filter media
  • Ultra-soft nonirritating lining delivers superior comfort over traditional respirators
  • Extra-wide head straps ensure a tight yet comfortable seal around the nose and mouth and prevent exposure around the mask edges
  • Adjustable nose clip reduces potential of fogging when used with other PPE products
  • N95 rating provides a minimum 95% filtration efficiency of 0.3-micron particles
  • Not intended for medical use
Made in the USA.

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