US Tape Etched Stainless Steel Gauging Tape, Inage (Sounding) Models

  • $151.27

Etched Stainless Steel Gauging Tapes have an uncoated blade with etched numbers and markings. The etched stainless blade will withstand more caustic conditions than coated blades, therefore it is useful for almost all oils/liquids. All Etched Stainless complete tapes are housed in the small frame and include the grounding strap.
Complete tapes and refills are available in:

  • Sizes from 33'/10m to 100'/30m
  • Innage and Outage models
  • Scales in English/Metric or English (16ths)

Select Desired Tape

62457- 33 Foot Inage, Sounding
62447- 33 Foot/10M Inage, Sounding
62449- 50 Foot/15M Inage, Sounding
62451- 66 Foot/20M Inage, Sounding
62455- 100 Foot/30M Inage, Sounding

Etched Stainless Steel Gaging Tapes

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