BRADY ENV Series Sorbents

  • $40.05

  • Highly economical, contractor grade absorbent for oil clean-up on land or water.
  • White absorbents pick up petroleum-based fluids, paints and non-water soluble chemicals while repelling water - great for indoor & outdoor use
  • Light weight - specifically designed for smaller leaks, drips and spills
  • ENV absorbents are made with MAXX Technology for superior absorbency and greater strength without the added weight
  • Non-perforated absorbents offer the greatest absorbency and better tear resistance in high traffic areas
  • Floats indefinitely even when saturated with oil.
  • Efficient single-ply of MAXX Technology - absorption and strength without the extra weight.
  • Packaged in a green bag to streamline absorbent identification in your facility


Absorbency Capacity 51 gal (US)
Absorbency Factor 23 gl/gs
Class Oil Only
Dimensions 15 in W x 19 in L
Durability Moderate Durability (less than 15 lbs)
Number of Plies 1
Trade Name ENV
Color White
Environmental Resistance Features Fire-Resistant
Material Polypropylene
Material Texture Features High-Linting
Non-Woven Material Technology Meltblown
Type Pad

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