US Tape, Black Etched Gauging Tape, Inage (Sounding) and Outage (Ullage) Models

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Black Etched Gauging tapes and refills feature a black steel blade with etched numbers and markings which better resist abrasion. The black background makes it easier to see light colored oils/liquids. All Black Etched complete tapes are 1/2" wide and housed in the small frame.
Complete tapes and refills are available in:

  • Sizes from 25'/7.5m to 100'/30m
  • Innage (Sounding) and Outage (Ullage) models
  • Scales in English/Metric or English (16ths)

Made in USA.

Select Desired Tape

59247 - 33 Foot/10M Inage, Sounding
59249 - 50 Foot/15M Inage, Sounding
59251 - 66 Foot/20M Inage, Sounding
59016 - 33 Foot/10M Outage, Sounding

Black Etched Gaging tapes

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