COVID-19 Response Products

Responding to the Threat of COVID-19

We all have been reacting to the new normal with only essential activities continuing.  At A&M we have leveraged our 60+ Years of relationships to find PPE and cleaning products essential in today’s environment.

COVID Response Products

Petro Marine and A&M Industrial have sourced many of the products you need in your facility to protect your employees and keep your facility operating.  We have developed a new Catalog dedicated to these items, from gloves to masks, Sanitizers and Disinfectants, Non-Contact Thermometers and Portable sinks.  These products are available from either Petro Marine or A&M Industrial, with links in the catalog pointing to the A&M website.

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COVID Response Products, N95 Masks, Nitrile Gloves, UV Sanitizing, Disinfectant